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Once upon a time I was a teacher. I traveled all over the U.S. with my students who competed in prestigious tournaments such as at Harvard University.

After earning my masters degree I became an administrator and really enjoyed working with teachers. 

I quit my job to stay at home with my children. When my son was 10 days old, he stopped breathing and I had to administer CPR. We rushed him to the hospital and over 14 days he coded three more times while in the NICU.

I have never been so scared in my entire life. He came home with a heart monitor and spent the first six months of his life going from doctor to doctor having one test after another.

I knew I needed an income to help with the medical bills, but he had OT, PT, and Speech every week and I also had my infant daughter that needed my attention. It didn't make sense to go back to teaching. I needed a new plan.

Why it didn't Work

I had the knowledge but didn’t know how to use it.

 When I was first approached to start my own business working from home, I was skeptical. I researched the company, asked tons of questions, and I liked that I wouldn't have to throw parties, carry inventory, or deal with payment or returns.

I also liked that they provided training. So even though I was scared, I went for it!


I did everything I was told to do to be successful, but it didn't feel right. "Reach out to every single one of your Facebook friends, talk to strangers, go for the no!"

I truly felt like I was bugging my friends and family and I hated reaching out to people I hadn't spoken to since elementary school. I was using copied and pasted messages from my upline that sounded nothing like me and frankly, it showed. It just wasn't me. I am not bashing these methods, but they just were not working for me.


I felt stuck. Which meant that my business was at a standstill. I knew I could be successful if I could figure out how to run my business in a way that felt natural and well, more me.

And what bothered me the most was that even though the products and the business model are incredible, I couldn’t find a way to share them with people who actually wanted to learn more about them.


I spent A LOT of time and money investing in webinars and groups. Some were a complete waste of both. Others put me on information overload. I was able to find a couple where I learned a great deal of valuable information.


But I felt that even though I now knew WHAT to do, I didn’t know HOW to implement what I was learning. As a former teacher this was very frustrating to me. I had knowledge but didn’t know how to use it.

How I found Success

I finally not only knew what to do but HOW to do it!

That is when I came across a free training that led to my coach and mentor. She showed me a program that provided me with tons of valuable up to date information. 


But what made it different is that the trainings were laid out like a roadmap with actionable steps to implement. I finally not only knew what to do but HOW to do it!


With this system in place, I no longer had to reach out to people because they were reaching out to me AND pre-qualifying themselves! I didn’t have to worry about what to do each day to make my business profitable. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to work my business, but I am finally reaping the benefits of my hard work. 


I have come full circle as I now teach others to learn this system so they can finally build the team and business they dreamed of building when they started. I love helping SHOW people how to do things rather than just talk about the theory behind things.

How I can help You

I help women like you to find their online voices and overcome insecurities that are holding them back from building a wildly successful business.​​

I will teach you how to build yourself up, determine concrete goals, find your authentic you, and attract clients to you who are pre-qualified. No more running after people or feeling stuck. 

We will lay out step-by-step income producing activities that are aimed for where YOU are at this moment. Together we break down the barriers holding you back and develop your own voice to ATTRACT people to YOU. 

Be prepared to be given actionable tasks and income producing activities to help you build success.

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